A Country Bungalow

by Percy Lancaster, Architect

Percy Lancaster, architect and designer, submitted his country bungalow to House Beautiful in 1908 and was published in July. The two-page spread shows front, back, and side elevations for a modestly-sized house of two bedrooms furnished with built-in beds. Other built-in window seats, cupboards, and nooks allow plenty of storage and cozy charm. The second story allows room for the servant's quarters. From a 21st century perspective, it's a functional and pretty little house.

No record of Lancaster exists in the 1900 or 1910 US Census or other common US records, so his identity is something of a mystery. It is possible that he is the English Manchester-born artist later considered a major Edwardian artist. This Lancaster, initially trained as an architect, turned quickly to the fine arts becoming a prominent watercolorist, also known for his fine etchings.

Or it could be someone else entirely. Any information would be welcomed!

Bungalow House Plan

Percy Lancaster's Country Bungalow

Country Bungalow

Source: Lancaster, Percy. "A Country Bungalow." House Beautiful, Vol. XXIV No. 2 (July 1908): 38-39.


(from the Mailbox)

Your article is spot on. This bungalow was certainly designed by Percy Lancaster, architect and artist from Southport, Lancashire.

I am his granddaughter and I have many of his etchings, but sadly none of his watercolours or oil paintings. I know his style and handwriting very well and the drawings shown in your feature are typical of his signature. I was very excited to find yet another example of his work, thanks.

Jennie Stiles
United Kingdom.

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