Better Homes & Gardens, August 1934

In August 1934, Better Homes & Gardens magazine published the following. Funny how things come full circle, isn't it?

2nd Prize, Class 2: Improvements costing from $150 to $500,
1933 National Better Homes Contest
Won by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burnet of Bellingham, Washington. They spent $485.65.

Here is a remarkably fine example of a well-studied series of minor alternations by means of which a thoroly (sic) commonplace home was transformed into one of considerable charm. The heavy projecting roofs of the main house and dormer were cut back close to the wall lines and the whole composition unified by means of a veneer of heavy stained shingles. The flat canopy over the entrance was removed and a well-designed new doorway with shutters installed. Another small change with fine results involved, as you can see, straightening the pairs of porch posts.

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