Historical Bungalow Articles

The following references, organized by year, were published in the first several decades of the 20th century.


Hopkins, Una N. "In Regard to Cottages".
    House Beautiful, (1901) 139.


"A Prize $3,000 Cottage".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 12 No. 2 (July 1902) 117.

"A Three-Thousand-Dollar Cottage".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 13 (December 1902) 46.

"An Inexpensive Summer Cottage".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 12 No. 5 (October 1902) 302


Lindsay, F. A. "Thatched Bungalow".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 14 (June 1903) 15.


"A Sixteen-Hundred-Dollar Cottage".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 15, No. 3 (February 1904) 160.

"The Home of a Craftsman on the Pacific Coast".
    House Beautiful, (May 1904) 373.

"An $1800 California Bungalow".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 15 No. 6 (May 1904) 372.


Borden, W. A. "Bungalows: Summer homes for the North, Winter Homes for the South".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 18 (June 1905) 14.

Gifford, John. "A Bungoda".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 18 No. 6 (November 1905)

"Bungalow on Misery Island".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 18 No. 2 (July 1905).

"Country Houses in General: Some Examples of Recent Building".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 17 No. 5 (April 1905) 7.

"The Bunker".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 18 No. 3 (August 1905) 23.

Morgan, Anna. "A Woman's Bungalow".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 8 No. 1 (June 1905) 9.

Northend, Mary W. "A Canadian Cottage by the Sea".
    House Beautiful, (October 1905) 15.

Stanwood, Clara. "A Home Paradise (Paradyce)".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 18 No. 4 (September 1905) 11.


"Bungalow At Its Best".
    Architectural Record, (October 1906) 296.

Banning, Kendall. "A Concrete Cottage for $4,565".
    House Beautiful, (January 1906) 23.

Carman, Bliss. "What a Vacation Can do for a Man".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 20 No. 3 (August 1906) 11.

David, A.C. "Bungalows In California".
    Architectural Record, (October 1906) 306.

Hopkins, Una N. "A Chalet in Pasadena".
    House Beautiful, Vol. 19 No. 3 (February 1906) 11.

"A Massachusetts Bungalow".
    House Beautiful, (September 1906) 7.

Northend, Mary H. "A Bungalow at Marblehead".
    House Beautiful, (August 1906) 20.


"California Bungalow".
    The Craftsman, (October 1907) 68.

Harvey, George, L. "A Summer cottage".
    House Beautiful, (September 1907)

"A Bungalow with Nine Rooms for $1300".
    House Beautiful, October 1907.

"House Building Notes".
    House Beautiful, (October 1907) 12.

Saylor, H. H. "Simplest Kind of Bungalow".
    Country Life (August 1907) 446.

Spencer, Robert C., Jr. "Three Bungalows".
    House Beautiful, (August 1907) 33.


Gaut, Helen Lukens "A Rustic Bungalow"
    House Beautiful, (September 1908) 95.

Lancaster, Percy. "A Country Bungalow."
    House Beautiful, Vol. XXIV No. 2 (July 1908): 38-39.

Holman, E. E. "Colonial Style in Bungalows".
    International Studio, (July 1908) 35.

Seaver, H. W. "Seaside Bungalow".
    Country Life, (July 1908) 299.

Shrimpton, L. "Bunga Lee".
    Country Life, (September 1908) 478.


Alley, A. W. ""A House in Japanese Style"".
    House Beautiful, (March 1909) 76.

Angevine, S. "Japanese-American Bungalow".
    "Good Housekeeping", page 646. May 1909.

Byers, A. "Split Field Stone in Building Bungalows and Small Houses".
    "Craftsman", page 576. August 1909

Craftsman "Bungalow of Stone and Cement and a Suburban House of Concrete".
    "Craftsman Magazine", page 100. April 1909.

Craftsman "California Barn Dwellings and the Attractive Bungalows Which Have Grown Out of the Idea".
    "Craftsman Magazine", page 598. February 1909.

Craftsman "Interesting Timber Construction in a California Bungalow".
    "Craftsman Magazine", page 222. May 1909.

House Beautiful "Country Houses".
    "House Beautiful", page 122. May 1909.

House Beautiful "Derbyshire Bungalow".
    "House Beautiful", page 45. July 1909.

House Beautiful "Lawn Care Article".
    "House Beautiful", page 101. April 1909.

House Beautiful. "The Sunshine Cottages".
    "House Beautiful", page 135. 1909.

House Beautiful "An Arts and Crafts House".
    "House Beautiful", page 102. April 1909.


House Beautiful "A Suburban Bungalow".
    "House Beautiful", page 73. February 1910.

Johnson, Cyrus J. "Five Small Houses at Chevy Chase".
    "Country Life", page 437. February 1910.


Brinkle, W. D. "Planning the Bungalow".
    "Country Life", page 319. February 1911.

Burdick, Henry H. "Some Hunting Trips to New York Suburbs".
    No.llll. September 1911.

Country Life "Typical Bungalows of the South, East, and West".
    "Country Life", page 312. February 1911.

Eyre, W. "Purpose of the Bungalow".
    "Country Life", page 304. February 1911.

Gaut, H. L. "How to Build and Furnish a Small Bungalow".
    "House Beautiful", page 90. February 1911.

Gifford "Bungalows for Florida".
    "Country Life", page 326. February 1911.

Goodnow, M. N. "Monolithic Concrete Bungalow".
    " House Beautiful", page 94. February 1911.

Greenleaf, Margaret "The Small House of Cement".
    "House Beautiful", page 81. 1911.

House and Garden "Suggestions for a Bungalow Built Around a Paved Court".
    "House and Garden", page 88. October 1931.

House Beautiful "Bungalows; Pictures".
    "House Beautiful", page 48. January 1911.

House Beautiful. "Recent Work of Talmadge and Watson".
    "House Beautiful". April 1911.

House Beautiful. "When Cement is Used on the Exterior".
    "House Beautiful", page 15. December 1911.

Kipling, J. L. "Origin of the Bungalow".
    "Country Life", page 308. February 1911.

Morris, C. 0. "Bungalow Built from Country Life Plans".
    "Country Life", page 324. February 1911.

Northend, M. H. "Twin Bungalow".
    "Country Life", page 311. February 1911.

Northend, M. H. "Two Concrete Bungalows of Moderate Cost".
    "Country Life", page 315. February 1911.

Priestman, D. T. "Furnishings for the Bungalow".
    "Country Life", page 321. February 1911.

Riley, Paul M. "Suggestions for the Bungalow Porch".
    "Country Life", page 327. February 1911.

Sturdevant, R. A. "Log Bungalow in Michigan".
    "Country Life", page 318. February 1911.


Atkins, A. S. "Painting a Concrete House".
    "Country Life", page 56. January 1, 1912.

Brandeis, E. M. "All-Round-The-Year Bungalow".
    "House Beautiful", page 14. June 1912

Breitenbach, H. P. "The Problem of the Small House, and One Way to Meet It".
    "House Beautiful", page 157. 1912

Brinkle, W. D. "Bungalows for the Eastern States".
    "Country Life", page 13. July 1912

Country Life "Bungalow Built for $1,500".
    "Country Life", page 49. January 1912.

Country Life "Bungalows From the Four Winds; Pictures".
    "Country Life", page 16. July 1912.

Cutler, M. "Building a Bungalow".
    "Harpers Bazaar", page 417. August 1912.

DeLuce, F. J. "How We Built Our Bungalow for $450".
    "Country Life", page 53. February 1912.

Dysard, J.S. "Modern Floor Plans".
    "House Beautiful", page 128. 1912.

Embury, A. "Bungalow Plans".
    "House Beautiful", page 129. April 1912.

Embury, Aymar II. "Seaside Houses".
    "House Beautiful", page 67. 1912.

Embury, Aymar, II. "Some Five Thousand Dollar Houses".
    "House Beautiful", page 52, V32. 1912.

Good Housekeeping "First Prize Bungalow".
    "Good Housekeeping", page 494. April 1912.

Hering, 0. C. "Design and Specifications for an Inexpensive Brick Bungalow".
    "Country Life", page 18. July 1912.

House Beautiful "A Page of Moderate-Cost Houses".
    "House Beautiful", Volume 32. November 1912.

House Beautiful "Decorative Vines in California".
    "House Beautiful" April 1912.

House Beautiful. "Making an Old House New".
    "House Beautiful", page 55. January 1912.

House Beautiful. "Seaside Houses".
    "House Beautiful". July 1912

House Beautiful. "Some Thousand Dollar Homes".
    "House Beautiful", page 55. July 1912.

Humphreys, P. W. "Some Florida Farmhouses of the Bungalow Type".
    "Country Life", page 29. July 1912.

Hunter, L. "Window Draperies for Bungalows".
    "Country Life", page 22. July 1912.

Jay, M. R. "Bungalow in Japanese Spirit".
    "House Beautiful", page 72. August 1912.

Northend, M. W. "A Unique Frame House".
    "House Beautiful", page 151. 1912.

Phillips, Madison R. "An Eleven-Room House of the Bungalow Type".
    "Country Life", page 30. July 15 1912.

Phillips, Madison R. "Roof Coverings and Which to Choose".
    "Country Life", page 43. March 15, 1912.

Randall, Paul M. "A California Gardener's Bungalow".
    "Country Life", page 32. July 15,1912.

Riley, Phil M. "Ways to Reduce Building Cost".
    "Country Life", page 25. July 15,1912.

Riley, Phil M. "What Is A Bungalow".
    "Country Life In America", Volume XXll - Number 6, page 11. July 1912.

Spenser R. C., Jr. "Building a House of Moderate Cost: a Bungalow Suggestion".
    "Architectural Record", page 37. July 1912.

Sterrett, R. J. "Swallow's Nest".
    "House Beautiful", page 59. July 1912.

Thomson, L.D. "The Rampant Craze For The Bungle-Oh".
    "Country Life", page 304. July 1912.

Welch, Stewart. "The Wigwam".
    "House Beautiful", page 190, Volume 32. 1912.

Wilcox, R.H. "Building of Homeplace".
    "Country Life", page 33. July 1912.


Brinkle, W. D. "Planning the Bungalow".
    "House Beautiful", page 171. May 1913.

Ellis, A.R. "Building Bungalows".
    "House Beautiful", page 78. August 1913.

Gardner, R. W. "Concrete Bungalow".
    "House Beautiful", page 105. September 1913.

House Beautiful "Bungalow Pottery".
    "House Beautiful", page 83. August 1913.

House Beautiful. "Spruce-up Lodge and How it Grew".
    "House Beautiful", page 84. August 1913.


Brinckloe, D. "Bungalow's Heat, Water Supply, and Waste".
    "Country Life", page 59. September 1914

Butterfield W. H. "Why and Wherefore of Bungalow Construction".
    "Country Life", page 53. September 1914

J.A.T. "Bungalow Modeled on a Swiss Chalet".
    "House Beautiful", page 55. July 1914.

House Beautiful "A Group of Bungalows, East and West; Photographs".
    "House Beautiful" June 1914.

House Beautiful "A Group of Bungalows, East and West; Photographs".
    "House Beautiful" June 1914.

Kelly, F. F. "Bungalow Furnishings and Fitments".
    "House Beautiful", page 24. June 1914.

Lazear, M. H. "Evolution of the Bungalow".
    House Beautiful, Page 2. June 1914.

Marshall, J. C. "Furnishing the Bungalow".
    "Country Life", page 45. September 1914.

Mason, F. H. "Addition to a Hillside Bungalow".
    "House Beautiful", page 60. July 1914.

Mount, M. W. "Catskill Bungalow".
    "House Beautiful", page 90. February 1914.

Priest, H. "Bungalow Entertaining".
    "House Beautiful", page 18. June 1914.

Saunders J. C. "Two Connecticut bungalows".
    "House Beautiful", page 17. June 1914.

Squires. "Why the bungalow?".
    "Country Life", page 35. September 1914.

William, P. "Three Stairways".
    "House Beautiful", page 10. February 1914.

Williams, F. "Bungalows of Southern California".
    "House Beautiful", page 16. June 1914.


Comstock, Williams Phillis. "Bungalows Camps and Mountain Houses".
    American Institute of Architects Press: Washington D.C., reprint of 1915 edition. 1990

Craftsman "Two Unique and Practical Designs for Craftsman Country Bungalows".
    "Craftsman Magazine", page 684. March 1915.


Conover, M. R. "Making the Bungalow Externally Attractive".
    "Craftsman", page 545. February 1916.

Country Life "Bungalows and Shacks; Photographs".
    "Country Life", page 38. May 1916

Edmunds, C. "New Colonial Bungalow".
    "Ladies Home Journal", page 47. April 1916.

House Beautiful "From Maine to California".
    "House Beautiful", page 156. August 1916.

House Beautiful. "Merely a Matter of Paint".
    "House Beautiful", pxxxviii. March 1916.

House Beautiful. "The Bungalow of Miss Ely at Beverly - New Jersey".
    "House Beautiful", page 210. September 1916.

House Beautiful. "The Ready-to Put-Up House".
    "House Beautiful", page 167. April 1916.

Lucky, Gertrude A. "Alexandria Court".
    "House Beautiful", page 340. November 1916.

Millar, Louis DuP. "The Bungalow Courts of California".
    "House Beautiful", page 338. November 1916.

Moulton, R. H. "Bungalow in the Sky".
    "House Beautiful", sup 14. February 1916.

Ross, A. R. "Architect's Bungalow".
    "Country Life", page 58. July 1916.

Ross, A. R. "Architect's Bungalow on the Coast of Maine".
    "Country Life", page 30. 1916.

Swayne, J. L. "Venture in Bungalow Building".
    "House Beautiful", sup 39. March 1916.

Walker, Lydia, L. "Unique Bath-Houses".
    "House Beautiful", page 154. August 1916.


House Beautiful "Homes of House Beautiful Subscribers".
    "House Beautiful", page 83. January 1917.

House Beautiful "A Model Farm in California".
    "House Beautiful", page 36. June 1917.

MacDonald, A. B. "Crotched Lodge".
    "House Beautiful", page 16. June 1917.

Smith, M. E. "Bungalows, Good and Bad".
    "House Beautiful", page 42. December 1917.


Boden, M. H. "Ant Hill".
    "House Beautiful', page 148. August 1918

Byers, A. "Colonial Influence Brings the Bungalow to Greater Perfection".
    "Art World", page 445. February 1918

Jenkins, Austin D. "Evolution of the Bungalow".
    "House Beautiful", page 260. October 1918.


House Beautiful "House Beautiful Homes No. 2".
    "House Beautiful" March 1919.

Jenkins, Austin D. "Good Types of Bungalows".
    "House Beautiful", page 65. February 1919.



Jackson, A. C. "Bungalow on a Skyscraper".
    "Country Life", page 65. April 1921.

Jacobs, C. "Nestforest, a Mountain Dwelling".
    "House Beautiful", page 6. June 1914.


House Beautiful "Building Dialogues".
    "House Beautiful", page 211. September 1922.

House Beautiful "A Group of House Beautiful Homes".
    "House Beautiful", page 176. February 1922.

Paddon, H. E. "Livable, Lovable Bungalow".
    "Good Housekeeping", page 90. June 1922.

Sewell, H. "New Houses of Old Flavor".
    "Country Life", page 62. June 1922.

Ziegler, C. A. "Bungalow Problem".
    "House and Garden", page 60. November 1922.


House Beautiful "A New England Bungalow".
    "House Beautiful", page 17. February 1923.

House Beautiful "Evolution of a Bungalow".
    "House Beautiful", page 622. December 1923.

House Beautiful. "New England Bungalow".
    "House Beautiful", page 116. February 1923.

Wheeler, Walter F. "A Review of Bungalow Book, by Charles White, Jr.".
    "House Beautiful" 1923.

Woods, N. M. "Modern Bungalows".
    "Country Life", page 71. May 1923.


Embury, A. "Bungalow or a Small House".
    "Country Life", page 34. July 1925.


Literary Digest. "Cast-iron Bungalows".
    "Literary Digest", page 24. April 1926.

Stevenson, C. "Bungalow of a Spanish Style".
    "Pictorial Record", page 80. November 1926.


Stevenson, C. "Spain Inspired these Bungalows".
    "Pictorial Record", page 32. November 1927.




Country Life "Backwoods Bungalow".
    "Country Life", page 51. September 1930.

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