Craftsman Homes: 1901 to 1916

Craftsman Publishing Company, New York, New York

A national source for home designs and plans was through "The Craftsman" magazine. Gustav Stickley helped popularize the Arts & Crafts style "Craftsman" house by illustrating homes built by the more famous architects of the day, such as Wright and Greene & Greene. The magazine published, during its tenure from 1901 to 1916, over 220 house plans that were available to the public. These consisted of a wide variety of types from rustic cabins to Spanish Bungalows and larger two story homes. The majority of plans were for simple Bungalows in the Arts & Crafts style. These houses were a reaction to the much more elaborate and expensive Queen Anne Victorian and Colonial Revival blueprints available from the many plans book services at the turn of the century. Stickley published two plans books of his own, "Craftsman Homes" (1909) and "More Craftsman Homes." (1912).

For more information on Craftsman Homes see the above mentioned Stickley publications now reprinted by Dover Publications as well as Craftsman Bungalows reprinted by Dover in 1989.

The Daftsman

Lest anyone take the Movement too seriously, the anonymous Fra Thomas weighed in with his recipe for the Daftsman House—a spoof on the Craftsman bungalow craze that penetrated every inglenook and crannie in the country.

Images from The Craftsman magazine July 1916

Plan No. 178, Craftsman House with Gambrel Roof and wide Dormers, page 432

Plan No. 29, Craftsman Six-Room Cottage, page 430

Plan No. 132, Seven-Room Craftsman Cement Bungalow, page 431

Plan No. 121, Craftsman Summer Log Cabin for Outdoor Sleeping, page 429

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