In the spirit of the societies created during the early 20th century in response to the Arts and Crafts Movement, this site has been created to provide an online "home" for the present-day Arts & Crafts Movement community. We offer a range of historical and contemporary sources on the Arts & Crafts Movement as well as an active forum, bookstore, and marketplace.

The Arts and Crafts Style Holiday

Are you agonizing over how you will get through the holidays? What to serve for dinner? How to choose gifts? These questions have probably always plagued holiday shoppers. We've collected multiple articles from turn of the century women's magazines with advice on all these subjects. Read our original material from the Arts and Crafts Era and be inspired. Maybe some Jarvie candlesticks, or a piece of Kalo jewelry would be nice.


Jessie M. King

When an artist has been closely identified with a particular line, and by a new departure widens the field of activity, it is interesting to note the influence of early training and association on the later development. Those who know Jessie M. King only by her imaginative work in the quaint illustrations to "The Holy Grail," "The Defence of Guinevere," "Comos," and such tales, would marvel at the scope and versatility of her activity.

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The Come-Packt Furniture Company

Imagine a company that sells furniture in pieces that you take home in a big flat box and put together yourself. Not that hard to do is it? No, our company name doesn't start with an "I". It is the Come-Packt Furniture Company of Ann Arbor, MI. Established in 1907. More ...

Craftsman Spotlight

Carreaux du Nord

The Carreaux du Nord studio has been making fine handmade Art Tiles in the Arts & Crafts tradition since 1995. In-house designs embrace both the English and American Arts & Crafts period, and offer a selection of distinct and charming motifs for architectural installations and the tile enthusiast.
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