Ready Built Homes

1921 kit homes by Fenner Manufacturing

Fenner Kit Home - Portland, Oregon

Fenner Kit House - The Florida

The kit home phenomenon during the first few decades of the 20th century spanned the US. From upstate New York and Michigan to Portland, Oregon, manufacturers competed for the attention of homeowners.

Like Ray Bennett and Bennett Homes in New York, the Ready Built House Company was started by a lumber dealer. J. H. Fenner started business in Portland in 1912. By 1916, Fenner had expanded his operation to a new facility located in North Portland that had easy access to the Willamette River and the railyards. According to the Portland Journal, Fenner brought experience from the Bay City kit home companies.

Fenner Factory Cut Homes

Fenner Kit Homes

Fenner Manufacturing, as it was known by 1917, continued in business until 1928 when the company disappears from the record. Despite its short term in the market, Fenner Manufacturing left behind a catalog of homes, both large and small, that appealed to the prospective American homeowner.

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