Architects, Designers, Artisans, & Thinkers

of the Arts & Crafts Movement

The architects, artisans, and thinkers who contributed to the Arts & Crafts Movement were often renaissance people with many talents and interests. It was relatively unusual to find a writer who just wrote or a designer who wasn't a social activist, especially among the more prominent members of the movement.

This section provides short biographies of the most influential men and women with additional references and links that might be useful. Secondary pages contain additional contributors. Individuals are categorized by the area in which they made the largest contribution.

If you want to contribute more information or additional notables to the Arts & Crafts Society website, please email us.


An alphabetical listing of Arts & Crafts Movement architects, including links to other online information resources. The best known architects included:

Designers & Artisans

Thinkers, philosophers, and social activists

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