Organizations of the Arts & Crafts Movement

The first Arts & Crafts society in the United States is credited to "The Society of Arts and Crafts of Boston," begun in 1897. This was followed several months later by "The Chicago Arts and Crafts Society." There are documented some sixty societies or associations in existence by 1915. Thirty-seven of these were members of the National League of Arts & Crafts. If you have information about any of the groups listed below or wish to add to the list please feel free to let us know.

American Ceramic Society: 1899 - 1930s
Founder: Edward Orton
Columbus, Ohio

Arroyo Guild of Craftsman: 1909 - 1915
Garvanza, California
Historic Highland Park

The Basket Fraternity: 1903- 1904
Pasadena, California
Published a Quarterly Journal: The Journal of the Basket Fraternity or Lovers of Indian Baskets and Other Good Things
Journals available by request from the California State Library.

Boston Society of the Arts and Crafts: 1897 - present
1897 - present
First President: Charles Eliot Norton
Boston, Massachusetts
Article: Boston Society of Arts & Crafts
Link to current organization: The Society of Arts and Crafts

The Bohemia Guild of the Industrial Art League: 1902 -1904
Chicago, Illinois

Bridgeport League of Keramic Art: 1895-1903
First President: Carolyn Doremus
Now called: Bridgeport Art League (1903-present)
Motto: "Keep the Fire Alive"
Link:Bridgeport Art League

Calumet Copper Mine Women: 1913 - 1919
Calumet, Michigan

Central Art Association: 1894 - 1910
Founder: Mrs. T. Vernette Morse
Chicago, Illinois
Published a Monthly Journal: Arts for America
Central Art Association History

Chicago Arts & Crafts Society: 1897 - ?
Founder: Frank Lloyd Wright
Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Ceramic Association: 1892 - 1915
Chicago, Illinois

Cincinnati Pottery Club: 1879 - present
Founder: M. Louise McLaughlin
Cincinnati, Ohio

The Crafters: 1901 - 1906
Chicago, Illinois

Craftsman's Guild: 1900 - 1910
Chicago, Illinois

Dayton Society of Arts & Crafts: 1902 - 1904
Dayton, Ohio

Deerfield Society of Blue and White Needlework: 1896 - 1926
Founders: Ellen Miller & Margaret Whiting
Deerfield, Massachusetts
Book: Deerfield Embroidery

Forest Craft Guild: 1907 - 1917
Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Handicraft Guild of Minneapolis: 1904 - 1915
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Article: Handicraft Guild, Minneapolis

Guild of Allied Arts: 1910 -
Buffalo, New York

Guild of Arts and Crafts: 1894 - 1920
San Francisco, California

Guild of Arts and Crafts of New York
1900 - ?
New York, New York

Guild of Handicraft Industries: 1911 - ?
New York, New York

Hillside Club: 1899 - 1904
Berkeley, California

Indianapolis Society of the Arts & Crafts: 1905 - 1906
Indianapolis, Indiana

Los Angeles Society of Arts and Crafts: 1905 - 1920
Los Angeles, California

Morris Society: 1903 - 1905
Chicago, Illinois

National League of Handicraft Societies: 1907 - present
Founder: Frederic Allen Whiting
Boston, Massachusetts

National League of Mineral Painters: 1891 - Present
Founder: Susan Frackelton
New York, NY

National Society of Craftsman:1906 -?
New York, New York

New York Society of Decorative Art: 1877 - ?
New York, New York

Rochester Arts and Crafts Society: 1897 - ?
Rochester, New York

Wisconsin Designer Craftsman: 1916 -1970s
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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