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The Handicraft Guild of Minneapolis was organized for the advancement of art interests, especially in the handicrafts.

A small beginning was made in a salesroom on the fourth floor of a business block where articles were sold on commission. Almost immediately came the demand for instruction in the crafts. Classes were formed and competent instructors employed. From this modest beginning the Guild arrived in less than four years to the dignity of a three story building especially designed for its needs. There are shops equipped for production in the various crafts and the Guild craftsmen produce much of the work placed on sale. The Guild workshops have helped to create as well as supply a demand for specially designed and well made articles. The metal department is frequently called upon to design and make suitable fittings for definite places.

The Handicraft Guild pottery has become well known for its beauty of form and quiet, rich color.

Architects are interested in the tiles produced and orders for specially designed mantles are frequently received. The crafts represented in the salesrooms are taught in the Guild school by the craftsmen in charge of the various departments, thereby insuring practical, workmanlike methods and good structural design.

From September to May classes are conducted and a special Summer session is held during June and July.

The combination of school, productive workshops and salesrooms unites the interest of a large number of workers. In addition to the rooms used by the Guild, there are several studios occupied by cooperating craftsmen.

The assembly hall is a valuable adjunct to the Guild. Between three and four hundred people may be seated, and with the permanent equipment of stereopticon and piano the hall may be used for many purposes including lectures, special exhibitions, concerts and social gatherings.

The management of the building and the various interests of the Guild are assumed by the officers of the corporation: President, M. Emma Roberts; Vice President, Florence D. Willets; Secretary and Treasurer, Florence Wales.

Source: The Handicraft Guild of Minnesota. Handicraft, (1912) 341.

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